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ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has awarded Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI) funding through an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) to support Leeds researchers in the social sciences to maximise the impact and influence of their research on non-academic beneficiaries and to foster non-academic stakeholder engagement. The funding allows research organisations to work with partners in all sectors to apply social science knowledge to challenges in society. 

 The IAA supports a portfolio of activities and resources across the social science community which will maximise the potential for impact of social science research and contribute to economic and societal development regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

The University of Leeds is one of 32 UK organisations with ESRC IAAs. The ESRC award is worth £1.25m and runs from 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2028.  This will allow us to build on the success of the previous ESRC IAA which ran from 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2023, and the University funded IAA that LSSI ran between 2015 and 2019.  


If you have any questions relating to the IAA, please contact the IAA Manager Cheryl Harris,