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Building a knowledge exchange hub on water management and governance for Eastern and Southern Africa

Professor Anna Mdee, School of Politics and International Studies, Faculty of Social Science

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

UK and other international researchers produce knowledge and evidence that is of potential value to the national government and academic institutions in Tanzania. However, the institutional capacity to absorb and process this evidence is limited.

This project will build the foundations for a knowledge exchange and engagement hub supporting informed leadership and investment in water and sanitation in Eastern and Southern Africa, through collaboration between the University of Leeds and Global Water Partnership Tanzania (GWP-TZ). We will collaboratively review evidence produced by researchers in Leeds relevant to the water sector, starting specifically with the management and governance of water resources. This will lead to the production of research engagement materials such as podcasts, short videos and research briefings aimed at civil servants, politicians and wider audiences in Tanzania. These materials will support and strengthen GWP-TZ in their interactions with national decision-makers. This period of collaboration will enable the University of Leeds and GWP-TZ to co-produce a plan for long term collaboration and to work with development partners in East and Southern Africa on financing this vision.

Building institutional capability in managing and allocating water resources is critical for social and economic development in the context of climate change and rapid population growth.

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