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ESRC IAA 2019 - 2023 Project Summary

ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Awarded Projects

Many of these projects are interdisciplinary and cut across a number of themes, for ease they have been categorised based on the main project theme.


Risks & Opportunities of Emerging Market Economy Currency

Internationalisation: the role of Brazil in the Mercosur

Social, Economic, Tech & Environmental values

of North Sea oil & gas decommissioning for local communities and companies

Place-based Economic Recovery Network:

Co-producing an integrated theory and evidence base for West Yorkshire Combined Authority economic recovery planning

Key metrics for supporting national and local

government waste policy improvements

Tools, Technologies and Methods

Whose decision is it anyway? Forum theatre

to facilitate reflection on meaningful patient involvement in general practice shared organisation decision making

Activating change on environmental governance

through performance-based methods (Performing Change)

Community participation in the governance of protected areas:

Sharing lessons across Africa to inform establishment of a transboundary biosphere reserve

Optimising the FOOD FIT Online Game App

to Promote the Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge in Nutrition and Healthy Food Choice Behaviours Among Users

Encouraging Public Engagement with Textiles Waste Management

Encouraging Public Engagement with Textiles Waste Management

Law and Legal Studies

Dr Or Brook

The Priority Setting Project: rethinking EU and national competition law enforcement

Professor Conor O’Reilly

Amor Secuestrado (‘Kidnapped Love’): Transmedia Storytelling Through Telenovelas to Break Taboos and Catalyse Counter-Kidnapping Action in Mexico

Dr Konstantinos Stylianou

Finding the Scope of EU Competition Law: Tools and Analysis


Growing post-16 maths participation:

promoting the benefits of Core Maths

Covid-19 Rapid Action Fund: A literature review

of the evidence for successful post-disaster interventions relating to: (i) schools; (ii) vulnerable children

Covid-19 Rapid Action Fund: Collecting school data

on home learning provision and interactions with vulnerable children during the COVID-19 lockdown

Identifying and supporting children

with poor working memory in the classroom