Migrants in food systems: low skilled migration and migrants’ lived experiences across global regimes

Dr Roxana Barbulescu

School of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

Over 90 % of the seasonal workers in UK are migrants be them domiciliated migrants with EUSS or migrants who arrive on short term visas of 6 months under the new T5 Seasonal Worker route in the post Brexit immigration system. The project builds on an existing ESRC funded project Feeding the nation with colleagues from COMPAS University of Oxford and would seek to complement, extend and build on existing relationship with key policy makers particularly the excellent relationship with DEFRA. Furthermore, it would seek to further engage with the wider public by transforming and translating research findings into artistic productions. More specifically the funding of this project would contribute towards: producing and printing a book with the illustrations that the illustrator is creating for the project and secondly in working with a local musician to co-create a song about the experiences of the seasonal workers in UK. Finally the project will develop an international network of scholars and experts on seasonal and temporary migration. The network will include scholars from

Europe as well as scholars from the Global South and welcomes support from International Labour Organisation.