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Whose decision is it anyway? Forum Theatre to facilitate reflection on meaningful patient involvement in general practice shared organisation decision making

Dr Jessica Drinkwater, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

In England, every NHS general practice is required to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG), where local patients are involved in decisions about running the practice. PPGs are intended to lead to patient centred decisions and better care. However, research shows some confusion about the role of PPGs, and a lack of meaningful patient involvement. This is partly due to complex relationships between patients and staff.

Our project will develop and pilot a training package, using theatre techniques. During the training, patients (PPG members) and staff (GPs, Practice Managers, and Receptionists) will explore their roles and relationships. We will collaborate with patients, GPs, actors, theatre makers, and researchers (from Medicine and Performance) to develop the training and a training handbook. We will draw on research about PPGs and provide space for people to reflect on their own experiences. Participants will be encouraged to rehearse practical solutions together (through theatre techniques) to improve shared decision making and patient centred care.

We will work closely with NHS Bradford District and Craven Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), a network of 71 general practices and PPGs. We will also strengthen our links with other CCGs in the north of England and NHS England nationally.

Dr Jessica Drinkwater can be contacted by email: