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PRIDE IN THE FIELD (PIF): Promoting Inclusive Fieldwork Spaces for LGBTQ+ Workers in Research, Policy and Practice

Dr Martin Zebracki, Faculty of Environment, School of Geography

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

PIF is the first project of its kind to shift focus to impact policies and practices supporting the needs and activities of fieldworkers identified/affiliated with LGBTQ+ communities. Through knowledge exchange, developing community support and co-production of resources, PIF supports global beneficiaries in pursuing socially important fieldwork in (more) inclusive and safe ways.

The level of acceptance and persecution faced by the LGBTQ+ community varies considerably and remains highly problematic in most parts of the world. The project will develop a much-needed global web-based platform, The Platform, involving active membership recruitment and provision of supportive fieldworking resources, including LGBTQ+ rights information, continuous support and emergency help for LGBTQ+(-allied) fieldworkers.

PIF will develop new and significant global social science impact by contributing expert knowledge and awareness-raising of inclusive fieldwork practices and spaces. Thereby, PIF will provide peer-to-peer support to LGBTQ+ fieldworkers and their allies, regardless of social background, professional and contractual status and nationality.

The project will establish proof of concept of the web-based user support platform, further enhancing field research capacity and related advocacy work. PIF serves as basis for leveraging new externally funded research to inform and benefit LGBTQ+ inclusive fieldwork practices and policies at regional, national and international levels.

Dr Martin Zebracki can be contacted by email: