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Eligible Costs

All IAA awards can only cover directly incurred costs associated with the award (i.e., do not cover Full Economic Costs), which may include the following:

  • Reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence costs - in accordance with the University expenses policy
  • Equipment - consumables directly related to the project may be eligible for funding
  • Salaries - to support existing non-academic staff already employed by the University of Leeds (when justification is provided that their contribution to the project falls outside of their contracted responsibilities at the University of Leeds) or to recruit new members of staff (on a fixed-term basis).  For any recruitment there is expected to be a demonstration that this staffing is necessary to meet the skills requirement of the role, providing this can be achieved in an appropriate timescale for the implementation of the project.  Projects can be carried out on a full-time or part-time basis.  Please ensure the University of Leeds Recruitment Guide is followed.  Please also refer to the University guidance on naming people on research grants.
  • Other – such as registration costs at events (this does not include academic conferences), production of professional materials, room bookings, catering etc.
  • Applicants should provide costings with their proposal (in consultation with Faculty Research offices) and justification for the budget provided on the application form.

The following costs are not eligible:

  • Academic staff time (however, these costs should be included in applications as University of Leeds internal co-funding)
  • Estates and indirect costs
  • Building and refurbishment costs
  • Patent filing or similar costs associated directly to registering intellectual property rights
  • Infrastructure and Capital Expenditure, i.e., no single items of equipment above the £10k threshold are permitted
  • Costings for students e.g., student placements only eligible within the PGR Placement Scheme.