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Objectives of the IAA

LSSI’s ambition is to build upon the established ESRC IAA processes, infrastructure and learning to deliver significant new impact aligned to the following core objectives:

  • To coordinate and maximise support for social science impact activity, providing responsive, flexible funding for innovative social science impact projects, and allowing researchers at all development stages to connect with external partners through knowledge exchange and secondment opportunities.
  • To drive responsible innovation with appropriate risk, supporting experimental impact and engagement through processes that allow fast failure.
  • To build new and enhanced relations with partners in industrial/ business sectors and to diversify and strengthen relations with organisations in the third sector at regional, national and international levels.
  • To deliver a step change in local and national policy engagement through regional collaboration and strategic partnerships.
  • To track investments in impact, whether successful or not, to better understand effective pathways to impact, models of co-production, innovation and skills development to inform future research partnerships and strategies and enhance institutional learning.