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ESRC WRDTP Studentships at the University of Leeds

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations to the first tranche of WRDTP2 social sciences studentship funding.  Funding for Cohort 1 will be available for doctoral research students commencing their studies in October 2024.

About our studentships

We offer a range of social sciences PhD studentships starting in October each year at our partner universities:

  • WRDTP Pathway Awards (including our Interdisciplinary Research Awards and our WRDTP/Stuart Hall Foundation Awards for Black British students)
  • WRDTP Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) Awards
  • WRDTP Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) Awards
  • WRDTP Collaborative Awards

The Pathway, Advanced Quantitative Methods and Advanced Data Analytics Awards fund student-led research projects.

WRDTP Collaborative Award projects are designed by academic colleagues at our partner universities, and fund collaborative research with partners in the private, public or third sectors. Students can then apply for a studentship linked to their preferred project in early Spring each year.

Our award types are:

  • +3.5 programme: funding for a 3.5-year PhD (for students with a social science Masters degree, and with 60 or more credits of M-level social science research methods training)
  • +3.75 programme: funding for an integrated PGCert/PhD (for students who already have a social sciences Masters degree but have fewer than 60 credits of M-level social science research training)
  • 1+3.5 programme: funding for a 1 year Masters programme, followed by the 3.5 year PhD, (for students without a social science Masters degree, the Masters programme will deliver the core social sciences research methods training requirements)

All awards are available for study on either a full-time or part-time basis.

Each pathway has a pathway director and deputy director who coordinate activities within the pathway. Contact details for the pathway Directors and Deputies can be found on the pathway pages.

Researchers whose projects straddle the remit of the ESRC and another Research Council may be awarded an Interdisciplinary Research Studentship. Researchers intending to use Advanced Quantitative Methods, in particular using large-scale datasets, are required to provide extra information in the application form.