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Review authors

The authors were assisted by a Review Support team including: Simon Foy and Tom Knowland of Leeds City Council and Camilla McCartney of LSSI, as well as a Reference Group of senior officers in the Council and Senior academics and research managers at the University.

To learn more about the Review please contact:

Dr Nicola Carroll - previously Postdoctoral Researcher at Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI)

Professor Adam Crawford - previously Director of Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI) at the University of Leeds and the Principal Investigator who supervised the Review.

With thanks to the following for their participation and support with the creation of the videos:

Abigail Harrison Moore Professor of Art History and Museum Studies, UoL

Yvonne Hardman, Head of Collections and Programmes at Leeds Museums & Galleries, LCC

Roy Ruddle, Professor of Computing, UoL

Dr Jan Palczewski, Associate Professor of Mathematics, UoL

Will Ridge, Integrated Business Intelligence Manager, LCC

Polly Cook, Chief Officer for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality, LCC

Dr Cat Scott, University Academic Fellow in Biosphere-Climate Interactions, UoL

Dr James Tate, Associate Professor in Institute for Transport Studies, UoL

Dr Nicola Carroll, Former Post-doctoral Research Assistant, LSSI (UoL)

Gina Hardcastle, Communications and Graduate Coordinator, LSSI (UoL)