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Benefits for External Partners

LSSI is committed to supporting research with impact and understands the importance of partnerships that take research beyond the University to improve understanding in addressing social change. There are a number of advantages for external organisations who engage with LSSI.

Our ESRC Impact Acceleration Account enables social scientists to work with an organisation in an exploratory way.

The Impact Acceleration Account can be utilised by a variety of external partners such as businesses of all sizes and sectors, the public sector and policy departments, third sector organisations and NGOs. The IAA can be used to access a range of collaborative research services, to help you achieve operational and strategic goals. Our researchers can work with you on collaborative projects that seek to deliver potential economic, cultural and/or societal benefits to organisations or citizens outside academia. These mutually beneficial collaborations between academic and external organisation’s shape and influence research to create new knowledge which can have a positive impact on the wider sector or government policy, can train and up skill workforces and user groups and provide tools and resource to combat complex societal issues bring new ideas and talent to your business through our staff and students.

Benefits of engaging with our IAA:

  • Collaborating with academics on a Responsive Mode Impact Fund to deliver a project that builds a mutually beneficially relationship to delivery economic, cultural and /or societal benefit for your organisation and citizens outside of academia all over the world.
  • Undertake a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship in order to work at the University alongside an academic, or second an academic researcher to work within your organisation for 6-12 months on a particular project of work.
  • Work with an academic supervisor and a University Intern via our Leeds Institute of Data Analytics to utilise and review your data that will explore a specific research question beneficial to your organisation.
  • Engage and collaborate with us at events such as Innovation Forums, Policy Seminars, External Engagement Workshops and Showcase Events to hear about the research expertise at the University and build networks with social scientists at Leeds

If you would like more information or are interesting in working in partnership with us, contact IAA Manager Cheryl Harris (

For further details about how you can engage with the University, please visit