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Co-Production Podcasts

Experiences of Co-production and Participatory Research

In this podcast, Paul Wilson, Lecturer & Researcher School of Design, and Marie-Avril Berthet, PhD Researcher School of Geography, reflect on what co-production and participatory research represents – exploring the opportunities that these approaches offer, the overlap between them and also how they differentiate.

Engaging Stakeholders in Co-production

In this podcast, Jo Cutter, Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations, and Gabriella Alberti, Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations, reflect on the principles of co-production and why it is important to begin discussions with different stakeholders early on.

Early Career Perspectives on Co-production

Mel Flynn and Ingrid Arotoma, both PhD Researchers in the School of Earth and Environment, discuss their perspectives as early career researchers, on co-production and participatory research practice.

Meaningful Co-production and Decolonisation

In this podcast, Winnie Bedigen, Teaching Fellow in the School of Politics and International Studies, and Lata Narayanaswamy, Associate Professor in the Politics of Global Development, reflect on the opportunities that co-production approaches offer to decolonisation through recognising the plurality of knowledge systems.