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LSSI Early-Stage Enterprise and Commercialisation Funding


To build on Leeds Social Sciences Institute’s (LSSI’s) Commercialisation of Research out of Social Sciences (CRoSS) workshops held in March 2023 and the production of the CRoSS Guidance Document through the  LSSI’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), we are pleased to offer an opportunity for researchers to apply for early-stage commercialisation funding.   

The scheme is aimed at social science researchers/social scientists who are interested in exploring commercial or social enterprise opportunities arising from their research.  Enterprise and commercialisation of your research can have great value for social impact.  Social impact can demonstrate the significance of University of Leeds’ teaching and research outcomes, contribute to local economic growth and social wellbeing, and cultivate a healthy innovation ecosystem.

Each award will be for a maximum of £3k and awards will be for 6–12 months.  All applicants must contact the LSSI IAA Manager, as early as possible (and no later than 3 weeks before the relevant panel deadline), who will liaise with the University Research and Innovation Service to support the PI in developing their application. 

For further details of the Early-Stage Enterprise and Commercialisation Funding click here, if you have any queries regarding the scheme please contact Cheryl Harris,