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Commercialising Research out of Social Sciences (CRoSS) Guidance

LSSI in conjunction with colleagues at the University of Leeds and Oxentia and funded by ESRC, have developed a guidance document to help support all social scientists at the University of Leeds who are considering commercialising their research in deciding the most suitable pathway to create greater impact and societal benefits.

The guidance shows the difference between commercialisation for STEM and Social Sciences and provides links for further information and support.

Commercialisation of Research out of Social Sciences (CRoSS)

Click on image to access the digital guidance document

LSSI are developing a funding opportunity ‘Early Stage Commercialisation’, this will be an award of up to £3k.  This scheme is aimed at researchers who are looking to commercialise their research and will help with proof of concept/market.  This will be to validate the commercialisation and the best pathway for most benefit.  Details of the scheme will be available shortly.

Authors/Creators: Leeds Social Sciences Institute

© University of Leeds 2023, DOI: Licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY 4.0).