Daniel Valdenegro Ibarra

School of Politics and International Studies, Faculty of Social Science

Focus Facilitation: investigation of responses to a digital research platform across academia and business

PGR Placement

Focus Facilitation Ltd is a start-up and member of the Nexus Community. Focus Facilitation engage with business stakeholders to surface and model key data points for them. Currently a single person enterprise in a pre-trading research phase, various key questions that are pivotal to the direction and success of the enterprise remain unanswered and therefore open to participation from volunteer research.

The project relates to a potentially breakthrough digital research platform and undertaking investigation to explore how both academics and businesses will respond to the application. The intention of the research platform is solving issues which occur across the Public Sector, 3rd Sector and Private Sector. The project involves skilled investigation, research exercises and use of the platform to address specific features, user experience, observations, feedback, concerns and issues, value through unique features and opinions on cost.