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At a time of uncertainty and shifting political realities, the task of social science in understanding and addressing societal change is as vital and urgent as ever.

The prominent research questions of our time are evidently ones that require the strengths of diverse disciplines. It is incumbent upon the social sciences to play a pivotal role in framing and shaping the research questions and methodologies, as well as forging the cross-disciplinary capabilities to harness curiosity-led, challenge-driven and outcome-orientated research partnerships.

Leeds Social Sciences Institute has a dynamic responsibility to foster and support the relations and networks that sustain cross-disciplinary and inter-professional conversations, exchange and knowledge generation.

Our long term vision is for the social sciences to play a more significant role in framing novel interdisciplinary and cross-institutional research collaborations that combine the physical and life sciences, as well as the arts and humanities, harnessed around particular fields of research. Within this, LSSI aims to be an incubator of new approaches that establish or reshape research agendas and so transform our understanding of significant contemporary societal change.

It is our ambition that the University of Leeds becomes a globally recognised powerhouse for social science research excellence with societal impact working closely with our international partners. At LSSI, we are advancing these aims by:

  • Proactively developing large-scale multi-disciplinary grant applications
  • Enhancing the impact of existing Leeds research by forging new pathways to impact through engagement with external partners and utilising our ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.
  • Training the next generation of social scientists in methodological skills and leadership.
  • Building regional, national and international collaborations with academic and non-academic partners.