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Current Cross-cutting Themes

LSSI responds to the innovative interdisciplinary research ideas of our social science community, but also bring particular expertise, skills, and perspectives to bear on societal challenges: 

  • Inequalities. Our approaches are underpinned by an understanding of how inequalities shape challenges and how solutions can mitigate and address inequity in society. 
  • Theory, concept, method. We support critical methods and challenge assumptions by bringing together diverse perspectives to evolve meaningful approaches to understand and tackle multifaceted problems. 
  • Working across scales. We advocate for working across scales, drawing together the learning and challenges from local implementation to the effects from and implications for national and global systems to better understand the underlying causes of societal issues.
  • Co-production and experiential knowledge. We bridge gaps between researchers and the experts by experience in communities, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders, understanding that engagement is needed to grasp the underlying causes of issues and find workable solutions.