PGR Placement Opportunity – Leeds Community Foundation

Leeds Community Foundation is Yorkshire’s largest independent grant-maker. They provide financial support in the form of grants to community projects that help to improve the quality of life of people living in disadvantaged communities or who are from vulnerable backgrounds. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, businesses and public sector organisations, they have distributed over £42m since we awarded their first grant in 2005.

The Placement Project:

‘Taking the Pulse of Leeds’s Diverse Communities’ project – This project would be instrumental in updating and strengthening Leeds Community Foundation’s expertise around the needs, priorities and aspirations of our diverse communities, with a focus on Third Sector Organisations led by, or primarily supporting, minority/underserved groups including LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities and/or minority ethnic groups.Whilst an extensive search and synthesis of data and reports on the landscape of these diverse minority Leeds communities and their needs would generate valuable data to help us target our grant-making more effectively, we are keen to hear the voice of Third Sector Organisations, grass- root community groups and the people they serve, to identify the priorities, issues and lack of opportunities that they face (including those which may have been exacerbated in these Covid times), as well as the barriers that groups and organisations experience in terms of accessing grant- making, especially Leeds Community Foundation’s grant-making. To achieve this, the postgraduate student would work closely with Leeds Community Foundation staff to:

  • Research Leeds organisations (both constituted and unconstituted) supporting these specific communities (via the Charities Commission, Companies House, local networks, internet search etc.)
  • Design and pilot on a small scale, refine and then implement more widely, a consultation approach. This would include a comprehensive survey to Leeds Third Sector Organisations identified via stage 1, and also, potentially, focus groups with a sample of people from these communities in the city.

The weekly hours are flexible and are to be agreed by the successful PGR and the LCF team. The maximum placement hours are 130. As an example, previously placements have been 10 hours a week over 13 weeks.

The PGR would be working from home with access to Leeds Community Foundation’s systems and with supervision provided by Katharine Greathead, Head of Evaluation and Impact. No equipment will be provided so you will need to be able to access a laptop/computer and internet connection. The successful candidate will be provided a bursary of £1950

How to apply: If you are interested in applying for this placement position please send:

  • CV
  • Cover Letter – addressing how you meet the candidate criteria
  • Email or signature from your Supervisor that they are happy for you to undertake the placement

To LSSI Business Partnership Manager Hannah Crow, by Monday 20th January at 5pm

You can view and download the full placement details below: