What if…? Create Stories From Your Favourite Texts – Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science

This event is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science (running 2-9 November). The FoSS celebrates some of the country’s leading social science research, demonstrating how the work of social scientists has an impact on all of our lives.

What if…? Create Stories from your Favourite Texts

This is an exciting workshop for young people who would like to make new stories for popular characters from favourite fictional worlds. They will be able to use digital media, photography, animation, craft and design resources, art materials and writing to create new events, adventures or characters for their favourite stories. The leaders of the workshop will encourage them to ask ‘what if?’ to take their ideas in new and unexpected directions. Working either on their own, or in a group, participants will make and share their creations.

This event is designed for young people (11-20).

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