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Sexual Identity, Disclosure and Pay Gaps in the National Health Service

Thursday 22 February 2024, 13:00 - 14:00

Link Seminar - February 2024

A seminar series designed to connect academic knowledge with pressing policy agendas

Presented by DWP in collaboration with the Universities of Leeds, Loughborough, Sheffield and York, LINK is a webinar series designed to help build richer connections between the academic, policy and analytical worlds by providing an opportunity to hear from both leading Social Scientists at the University of Leeds and other universities as well as prominent analysts, strategists and policy makers from the Department for Work and Pensions.

We are delighted to invite you the second Link seminar of the year with Karen Mumford, from the University of York. Please find more details below:

Title: Sexual Identity, Disclosure and Pay Gaps in the National Health Service

Abstract: Studies investigating the relationship between sexual identity and pay have increased in number and scope over the last three decades, enabling a greater understanding of the outcomes facing non-heterosexuals in the labour market. Pay gap studies that also allow for the disclosure of sexual identity in the workplace are, however, very rare. Using a rich survey of employees from the National Health Service in England, we consider the relationship between relative pay, LGB identity and disclosure, for both men and women. Whilst the results reveal substantial heterogeneity within the LGB, we find that disclosure is related to more favourable pay treatment for LGB employees (men or women), especially so for men.


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