Navigating systems approaches to tackle inequalities: policy, practice, and place

  • Date:
  • Time: 9-11am GMT : 7-9pm AEST
  • Location: Online

Scope: This third online workshop in a collaborative series between the University of Leeds, University of Queensland and University of Glasgow seeks to explore issues around locational disadvantage and structural inequalities and ways in which research can seek to influence policy.  

We will look at how different research approaches can aim to address the complexity of inequalities and the implications for real world change. How do we bring together approaches of understanding people’s individual and community level experiences through qualitative research and co-production alongside more data driven, systems approaches? How do we apply a systems lense to navigating the connections and tensions between emerging models of place-based policy with more universal public policy and practice in the fact of increasing inequalities?   

We will explore the challenges and opportunities of systems and place-based policy approaches, considering broad issues such as:  

  • Responding to austerity and experiences of poverty and inequalities 
  • How can we best respond to complexity in policy responses – place based, programmatic and universal? 
  • How can research best challenge structural inequalities? 

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