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Midlife lows in human wellbeing



A Festival of Social Science Event

What’s on offer?

A light-hearted look at what the social science says about our (un)happiness in midlife. This presentation will also include and discuss voluntary audience viewpoints and opinions.  Following the talk there will be an open discussion with Q&A.

What’s it about?

An engaging presentation of the science around why humans (on average) experience midlife lows in their wellbeing, and how these lows might be mitigated.  Research from several disciplines and areas will be accessibly discussed.  This will be a stimulating, thought provoking event.  Audience viewpoints and reaction to the social science findings encouraged.  This Event is open to all.

Who’s leading the event?  Dr Alan Piper

Of particular interest to

Anyone curious about their lives and happiness; anyone interested in wellbeing at different stages of life; anyone interested in the notion of the (so-called) midlife crisis.

Basically, anyone interested in the discussion around our happiness along the lifespan and its main associated factors.  Event booking deadline - 08th November 2023.

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