Linking Leeds webinar: young adults living with parents in low to middle income families

Senior woman is showing something to her grandson on her smart phone while he fills the kettle at the sink in her home. They are both laughing.

Our next Linking Leeds Webinar will feature Katherine Hill and Dr Ruth Webber of Loughborough University.

The webinar will share their research findings from their project ‘Young adults living with their parents in low to middle income families’. The research aims to investigate the current and future economic and financial challenges facing low-to-middle income families where adults live with their parents. A growing proportion of young people in the UK are living with their parents well into early adulthood, whether they have remained in or returned to the family home. This way of living has important consequences for the current living standards and future prospects of families on low to middle incomes, who have to adapt to a family life extending well beyond bringing up dependent children.
The webinar will take place on Tuesday 18th May between 13:00-14:30. 
To find out more information about the project visit Loughborough University’s website here.