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Inequalities Research Network - Workshop Eight: Measuring inequalities

Wednesday 18 April 2018

This workshop series will explore diverse disciplinary and methodological approaches to researching inequalities, to inform and to enable new conversations and connections. All are welcome to come to one, some or (ideally) all the sessions as we hope to build on-going conversations with presenters and participants. The series runs (more or less) fortnightly through term time. It is interspersed with the Sociology and Social Policy seminar series, and run in partnership with SSP.

Workshop Eight: Measuring inequalities


  1. The value and utility of standard measures: the Index of Multiple Deprivation as a measure of inequality , Dr Tracey Farragher, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
  2. Poverty, inequality and economic measurement, Gaston Yalonetsky, LUBS
  3. Developing an equity measure using new generation big data: The case of health burdens related to active travel., Gillian Harrison, Susan Grant-Muller, Frances Hodgson, Nicholas Malleson (Institute for Transport Studies/School of Geography)


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