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Go Fund Yourself? Funding and the Future of High Growth Startups in the Leeds City Region

Thursday 29 February 2024, 12:00 - 16:30

Since the onset of COVID-19, recent empirical evidence has revealed substantial funding gaps across various regions within the UK. This, as a result, hindered start-ups from scaling up their operations, created further barriers to entering foreign markets, and contributed to the productivity conundrum facing the UK.

This workshop seeks to propose evidence-based solutions to build and scale up place-based funding support for high growth start-ups in the Leeds City Region. This workshop will gather business leaders and decision makers within the investment landscape in the Leeds City Region to highlight investment and development opportunities.  The workshop aims to address three integral questions:

  • What are the changes in the funding landscape for high growth start-ups after the COVID pandemic?
  • How the start-up funding gaps can be effectively tackled?
  • What kinds of policies are needed to build place-based funding support for local start-ups?

The workshop will be a valuable opportunity for networking and collaboration for ambitious founders and investors to further build a dynamic investment landscape in the Leeds City Region. If you have an interest in, or are looking to engage in these matters, or represent an organisation actively involved, we encourage you to register for the event here.