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Department for Work and Pensions Areas of Research Interest (ARI) Workshop - Summary & Next steps

Engaging Policy
Supporting Impact

LSSI, together with Leeds University Business School and as part of an ongoing collaborative relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), recently hosted a workshop based around DWP Areas of Research Interest (ARI). In the Areas of Research Interest document (Published January 2018), the Department summarised its most important research questions in order to raise awareness and improve understanding of these questions with the external research community, part of a larger ambition to increase collaboration between the Government and external research communities.

At the highest level these research interests cover the following areas:

  1. Employment and Support
  2. Disability and Health
  3. Security in Later Life
  4. Children, Family and Disadvantage
  5. Service Delivery

The one-day ARI workshop, held at the University of Leeds in January 2019, aimed to provide a forum for academics to present research that is aligned to one of the Department's areas of research interest. It also provided a space for policy makers at the DWP to learn of the research and opportunities at the university and allow for discussion and networking. The workshop also intended to facilitate a continuing dialogue between the DWP and the University of Leeds.

Summary & Next Steps