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2x LIDA Data Scientist Internships funded by our ESRC IAA

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Supporting Interdisciplinarity
Supporting PGR students

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) is now accepting proposals for its Data Scientist Internship Programme 2020/21. Our ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) is providing funding for two internships.

The programme originated as a keystone of LIDA's commitment to developing data science capability and driving multidisciplinary data analytics with the aim of tackling real-world challenges.

In view of the importance that LIDA has attached to the social benefit of its work, the programme encourages applicants across the wider research body of the University to submit project proposals which meet criteria of being in the broader public interest. This year, the programme especially welcomes proposals relating to Covid-19, including those which promote the response to, or seek to anticipate, the virus' public health and socio-economic impacts.

LIDA is looking for:

  • Projects of 24 weeks in length (6 months), to start either 5 October 2020 or 5 April 2021
  • A clear commitment to collaboration across disciplines and/or with external partners
  • Projects that promote the data science capacity-building of the intern
  • Projects which work towards follow-on grant applications
  • Use of datasets that are already accessible (or soon to be accessible) to the applicant

LIDA's internship programme has seen five cohorts of interns so far and examples of previous successful projects can be found here.

How to apply: Please complete Annex 2 of the below call for proposals and, if working with a project partner, you should also supply a letter of support from them. Applications will be assessed by the project selection panel in May and any decisions communicated to applicants thereafter.

Funding: Whilst there is some project funding available through LIDA and its partners (including two places funded through our ESRC IAA), please bear in mins that this funding is limited and therefore highly competitive. Self-funded projects will be looked on as strong contenders. Possible funding sources are included within the below document.

Project Costs: Each 6-month project is asked to budget £18,500 to include: intern salary costs; and a £1500 budget dedicated to the intern's training, development, travel and subsistence.

LIDA will be running a supplementary call for intern projects in November 2020 once the first round of projects is underway.

Deadline for applications to this call: 17.00, 30 April 2020

For further information about the LIDA Data Scientist Internship Programme, please contact the programme coordinator, Kylie Norman (

LIDA Data Scientist Internship Scheme - Call for Proposals (pdf), File Download