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Upcoming Event: Leeds Living Lab & LSSI Collaborative Workshop

Supporting Interdisciplinarity

The Leeds Social Sciences Institute is working collaboratively with the Leeds Living Lab, an initiative which brings together partners from research, teaching and operational teams to co-produce innovative and transformational solutions to real-world sustainability challenges, using the campus as a test-bed. The Leeds Living Lab is interdisciplinary, driving continual, sustainable development by tackling global challenges at the local scale. With this in mind, the LSSI, which champions interdisciplinary research and supports and enhances the work of social scientists from across the University, will work with the Leeds Living Lab to deliver a collaborative workshop.

The collaborative workshop is designed to provide information about the Living Lab and facilitate the development of interdisciplinary social science Living Lab projects. The workshop will provide a chance to learn about various opportunities arising from the collaborative working of the Leeds Living Lab and the LSSI.

The proposed programme for the workshop includes:

-An Introduction to the Leeds Social Sciences Institute and the Leeds Living Lab, delivered by Professor Karen Lucas (LSSI, Deputy Director), and Dr Louise Ellis (Director of Sustainability)

-Presentation of a case study by Dr Jen Dyer: ‘Trialling and evaluating the impacts of the Mixed Ability Sports Model in a University setting’

-Various workshops and round-table discussions exploring current areas of research interest and opportunities for research into air quality in Leeds, to include a presentation from Dr James Tate: ‘Living Lab for Air Quality’.

The Collaborative Workshop will take place at the University of Leeds on Wednesday 31 October, 12.30 - 16.30. For further information or to book a place, please see our event registration page.