Teela Sanders on The Regulatory Dance

<![CDATA[Teela Sanders explains the aims and methodology of her research into the lap-dancing industry, while Kate Hardy gives a general overview of common themes in the project's interim findings.
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How research informs teaching

Teela Sanders talks about the symbiotic nature of her research-led teaching, School of Sociology and Social Policy students explain why they chose to study the sex industry, and PhD student Kate Brown describes the benefits of research-led teaching for students.
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Research Impact

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The truth about life as a lap-dancer

Dr Kate Hardy lends her expertise to a feature about the rise in the number of lap-dancing clubs over the last 10 years in an article for The Guardian on 11 November 2011.

Student by day, lap-dancer by night

Rowenna Davis interviews Kate Hardy about students that fund their studies through lap-dancing in an article for The Guardian on 15 February 2011.

How sex for sale has become a home industry

Paul Robinson interviews Teela Saunders about web-based prostitution in an article for The Yorkshire Evening Post on 12 January 2011.

Assessing media impact

Teela Sanders assesses the media impact of the interim findings of her research, and notes how the media overlooked negative findings in favour of a postive image of “brainy beauties”.

  • One in four lap-dancers has a degree, Leeds researchers find

Media coverage

[tab:{Advising legal, governmental and representative bodies}]
Dr Sanders has advised solicitors, local authorities and HM Revenue and Customs on issues concerning the lap-dancing industry.
She is also due to work with the Home Office and the Trades Union Congress in the near future.

Dr Teela Sanders

Dr Teela Sanders is Reader in Sociology and her interests focus upon various aspects of the British sex industry. Dr Saunders came to Leeds in 2003, having graduated with a D.Phil from Oxford University. Before coming to Leeds, she was a social worker in child protection.
Her research explores the inter-relationship between human sexuality and socio-legal structures. She focuses particularly on gender, regulation and the state, and how these concepts intersect in the UK sex industry.

Dr Sanders makes Northern Light list

  • IPPR list reveals 50 ‘ones to watch’ in the North of England (IPPR, 04 February 2011)