Louise Ellison on Alternative Trial Arrangements

<![CDATA[Louise Ellison's research, conducted with Vanessa Munro from the University of Nottingham, investigates the influence of alternative trial arrangements on juror evaluation of evidence in adult rape cases.
Here, she discusses the aims and methodology of the research.
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Sharing expertise

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Louise Ellison has acted as an advisor to the Government on sexual offences reform and has been invited to present on the findings of her research to a range of stakeholders, including the Judicial Studies Board and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
She has also acted as an advisor to a group chaired by the charity MIND and contributed to the development of guidance for the Crown Prosecution Service in cases involving witnesses with mental health problems.
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Ciara Leeming interviews Louise Ellison about the misconceptions surrounding rape in an article for The Big Issue on 1 February 2010.


Dr Louise Ellison

Dr Louise Ellison is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law. She joined Leeds from the University of Manchester in 2003, and also previously taught at the University of Reading.

Her primary research interests lie in the treatment of vulnerable witnesses within the criminal justice system, with more recent work focusing upon the credibility barriers facing rape complainants within the trial process.