Information for Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs)

A scholarship of up to £1,950 will be awarded based on a 130 hour research placement

The placement scheme offers PGRs the opportunity to undertake part-time research projects within local organisations.
Working in a research capacity with an external partner, the researcher will have an opportunity to engage with the needs of the external organisation and to build the knowledge gained from the placement into their future research plans.
The time commitment for the PGR is estimated at about 130 hours in total, with weekly hours to be agreed with the organisation. Previously, PGRs have phased their projects over a 13 week period at ten hours per week. Where appropriate, the cost of necessary travel will be covered as an additional cost. Projects must be completed within a 6 month period.

Projects might involve:

  • Surveying or interviewing users or providers of relevant services to identify ways in which they could be improved
  • Evaluating a project or scoping out the potential for a new project which aims to bring social or economic benefits to a particular community
  • Gathering evidence, writing reports and responding to government consultation exercises/informing policy making

PGR Placements Application Form

PGR Placement – Final Project Report Template