ESRC WRDTP Studentships at the University of Leeds

1+3 Studentships: an integrated Research Training Masters – MA Social Research (Interdisciplinary) – (delivering the majority of the core training requirements) followed by a 3-year PhD programme.

+3 Studentships: 3-year PhD (applicants must demonstrate that they have already completed substantial social sciences training in research methods which would enable them to undertake an independent research project in a particular discipline or interdisciplinary field.  An applicant must have at least 60 credits at Masters level of core social sciences research methods acquired in the last five years.

This must include a broad range of methods, including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods and the use of appropriate software/tools for their application, and comprehension of principles of research design and strategy, and an appreciation of alternative approaches to research).

The University of Leeds central source of information and how to apply can be found here.


Each pathway has a pathway director and deputy director who coordinate activities within the pathway. Contact details for the pathway Directors and Deputies can be found on the WRDTP webpages.

Researchers whose projects straddle the remit of the ESRC and another Research Council may be awarded an Interdisciplinary Research Studentship. Researchers intending to use Advanced Quantitative Methods, in particular using large-scale datasets, are required to provide extra information in the application form.

Student Applications for the following WRDTP ESRC Award competitions will be welcomed from November 2022:

The Pathway and Advanced Quantitative Methods Award competitions fund students who have designed their own research projects. To apply for ESRC studentship funding as an academic colleague, please see the WRDTP Collaborative Awards section on the WRDTP website.

WRDTP Pathway Awards and Advanced Qualitative Methods Awards 2023/4
Information for Applicants

Academic colleagues are invited to develop a proposal for the following WRDTP ESRC Award:

WRDTP Collaborative Awards are designed by academic colleagues at our partner universities. Students will be able to view the list of successful projects and apply for the studentship linked to their preferred project in Spring 2023.