Civic research collaboration in Leeds

The University of Leeds and Leeds City Council benefit from a long-established collaborative relationship, yet the full extent of this was not previously apparent. LSSI carried out a Review to understand the extent of research-policy collaboration and identify ways of optimising partnerships between academics and local government officers.

Watch our short animation by Nifty Fox Creative for an overview of the Review project.

LSSI’s report on the Review highlighted an impressive record of joint projects, which are delivering valuable social, environmental and economic impacts for the city and beyond, and a strong appetite for further collaborations.

Findings from the Review were used to inform a series of recommendations for fostering inter-organisational relationships and facilitating co-produced research. A Collaboration Reference Group, which includes senior representatives of both organisations, is now taking forward these recommendations on a phased basis.

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Latest joint events

Researchers from the University and officers from Leeds City Council got together at workshops designed to identify shared priorities for co-produced research.The events were organised by LSSI to support the Collaboration Reference Group’s activities to support research-policy engagement across the two organisations.

A summary of the principals and themes that emerged from discussions at the two workshops is available here:

Report from December research-policy collaboration workshops

We are now planning a series of follow on workshops, Research/Policy Collaboration – From Vision to Action. These four interactive events, which will take place next month, will enable academics and local government professionals to convene once again to discuss their priority themes in more detail and progress ideas and opportunities for collaborative projects.

If you’re a researcher at the University of Leeds or an officer at Leeds City Council and wish to express your interest in participating in the workshops, please email Camilla McCartney, LSSI Engagement Officer

Social Science Videos

Following on from the Review of Collaborations work conducted by LSSI on behalf of the University in 2020, LSSI commissioned the production of three short videos to highlight best practice for research/policy collaboration between the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council. We are delighted to share with you these three video shorts, in which academics and Council officers alike discuss a variety of projects they have worked on together across a variety of topics. In these videos, colleagues come together to reflect on what made collaboration easier and more effective and close by providing useful tips for those interested in how to develop new, and build on existing, relationships going forward. * With thanks to the following for their participation and support with the creation of these videos:

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* With thanks to the following for their participation and support with the creation of these videos: Abigail Harrison Moore Professor of Art History and Museum Studies, UoL Yvonne Hardman, Head of Collections and Programmes at Leeds Museums & Galleries, LCC Roy Ruddle, Professor of Computing, UoL Dr Jan Palczewski, Associate Professor of Mathematics, UoL Will Ridge, Integrated Business Intelligence Manager, LCC Polly Cook, Chief Officer for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality, LCC Dr Cat Scott, University Academic Fellow in Biosphere-Climate Interactions, UoL Dr James Tate, Associate Professor in Institute for Transport Studies, UoL Dr Nicola Carroll, Former Post-doctoral Research Assistant, LSSI (UoL) Gina Hardcastle, Communications and Graduate Coordinator, LSSI (UoL)