Review of Collaborative Working

Unlocking the Potential of Civic Collaboration: A review of research-policy engagement between the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council

The University of Leeds and Leeds City Council benefit from a long-established collaborative relationship, yet the full extent of this was not previously apparent. Leeds Social Sciences Institute embarked upon a review to fully understand the extent of collaborative working.

The aim was to help enhance the value and impact of the research and policy partnerships and maximise the benefits of collaborative working in responding to social, environmental and economic challenges facing the city.

The Review included an online survey, mapping exercise, and interviews with professionals from both organisations who have prominent roles in working together to develop evidence-based policy.

The project was funded by a combination of Research England’s Quality-Related Strategic Priorities Fund (2019/20) Research programme to accelerate engagement between Universities and policy-makers and the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account that LSSI manages.

The full Review and a 4 page summary can be found below:

Unlocking the Potential of Civic Collaboration – FULL REVIEW

Unlocking the Potential of Civic Collaboration – SUMMARY

The Review Authors:

      • Dr Nicola Carroll, Postdoctoral Researcher at Leeds Social Sciences Institute
      • Professor Adam Crawford, Director of Leeds Social Sciences Institute at the University of Leeds, was the Principal Investigator who is supervised the Review.

The authors were assisted by a Review Support team including: Simon Foy and Tom Knowland of Leeds City Council and Camilla McCartney of LSSI, as well as a Reference Group of senior officers in the Council and Senior academics and research managers at the University.

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