A Review of Collaborative Working Between Researchers and Policymakers

The University of Leeds and Leeds City Council have a history of fruitful collaborative relationships. We have now embarked upon a Review of Collaborations to help enhance the value and impact of the research and policy partnerships and maximise the benefits of collaborative working in responding to social, environmental and economic challenges the city faces.

How to get involved in this project:

We will be gathering information and opinions to feed into the Review during Spring 2020. There are three ways you can get involved:

Take part in our survey – a brief anonymous questionnaire asks professionals with or without previous involvement in collaborations about perceptions of its benefits and barriers.

Tell us about collaborative projects – contribute to the mapping exercise, by providing information  on current collaborations or any projects you have been involved in since 2015. We can send a template to help guide you in type of information we are collecting.

Take part in an interview – a sample of professionals are being asked to share their experiences and ideas for enhancing collaboration during non-attributable interviews, which will be conducted by phone, skype or other virtual means you prefer.

Sharing the findings

We will be reporting findings from the Review and sharing the recommendations for strengthening strategic and practical future collaborations during the Summer.

The Review team

  • Dr Nicola Carroll, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Leeds Social Sciences Institute, is carrying out the mapping exercise and interviews.
  • Professor Adam Crawford, Director of Leeds Social Sciences Institute at the University of Leeds, is the Principal Investigator who is supervising the Review.
  • Dr Thomas Knowland, Head of Sustainable Energy, and Simon Foy, Head of Policy and Intelligence, Strategy and Resources, are co-supervisors for the project at Leeds City Council.
  • Frank Perrins, Research Manager at Leeds City Council, is managing the survey.

 Funding for the project is being supported through Research England’s Quality-related Research programme to accelerate engagement between universities and policy-makers and by LSSI.


Nicola is the initial contact for anyone who wants to get involved or would like further details – N.Carroll@leeds.ac.uk | 07929656801