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Engaging PGRs with the city they live in

We are seeking Leeds-based organisations to offer projects for postgraduate students.

Partner organisations can apply with an initial idea and are teamed up with a group of students to form the project brief together, responding to the organisations’ priorities, research and development requirements.

The outputs will depend on the individual needs of the project, however the scope is broad and may include political, economic or cultural research, consultancy reports, activity plans, market research, data analysis, exhibitions, evaluation, online resources or other forms of survey. Outputs can lead to social, cultural and economic benefits to your audience/clients and wider society. Examples of previous projects are available here

The scheme is beneficial for community and third-sector organisations, social enterprises and local businesses, as it allows access to the skills and talents of our postgraduate students, without direct costs to their organisations. Our postgraduate students can bring research skills, enthusiasm and new ideas to support organisations in addressing a range of development needs. Organisations also receive full support from the academic team to develop the partnership further whilst ensuring this is beneficial.

This creates an opportunity for postgraduate students to transfer their academic knowledge to real-world issues impacting communities and businesses in the city where they live, work and study. The scheme takes academic knowledge beyond the boundaries of the University into civic, professional and public contexts and embeds problem-orientated experiences into the curriculum.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Dr Charles Dannreuther