Multi Mind Business Challenge

An on-line programme that equips PhD researchers to understand and apply business analysis tools to create potential solutions for real business situations

Through October 2020 the LSSI along with the University of Sheffield and University of York organised a Live Challenge for 30 Postgraduate Researchers and Early Career Researchers across the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership.

The objective was to give participants the opportunity to work with their peers to apply the skills, tools and frameworks they’ve learned to real industry challenges. It gave participants the opportunity to learn about a specific area of industry and business/organisation. Additionally, the ideas developed may be used by the organisation/business and lead to opportunities for further collaboration.

The four participating companies were keen to get fresh perspectives on challenges that will be integral to the growth of their business and were excited to draw on the knowledge and experience of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers.

The PhD researcher formulated teams and worked together on solutions that they then pitched to the businesses. Full details of the challenges are here:

MMC Report White Rose

The companies found this challenge really rewarding:

“This was a great experience. I loved the variety and quality of ideas from my group.
I would love to be involved in any future initiatives like this.”
Bob Padron, CEO, Penrose Care

“This was a useful exercise, the recommendations and thinking will definitely inform where we take our strategy and there may be further opportunity for the team to support and advise based on their recommendations.”
Tom Gunton, Environment and Sustainability Manager, East Midlands Railway

The PhD researchers also found this a worthwhile training exercise:

“I would like to thank you for this great opportunity. I have improved some skills and gained more confidence and knowledge of important tools and aspects of career development outside academia.”

“It’s a great opportunity to work on real industry issues and with representation from those industries”

Participants were presented with a range of statements to explore the impact the challenge had on their confidence in a range of areas:

Of those who participated in the challenge, 89% feel more confident in seeking opportunities like this in the future.

77% felt that this challenge increased their confidence to work in a business or organisation outside of academia and 56% felt that it increased their confidence in working with a business or organisation collaboratively in an academic career.