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Lamprini Papafoti, PGR

Faculty of Environment

Placement in the Centre for Ageing Better: scoping study for integrated door -to-door transport services for older people in Leeds


The Centre for Ageing Better, working with the Leeds City Council, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and the Leeds Older People’s Forum has initiated a project that aims to improve the transport access of older people, through the development of a door-to-door transport hub. This will include a call centre and/or a digital hub which will integrate the door-to-door transport services that are currently offered by a range of public and private community transport providers across the city. This integration will make access to travel information and booking services more convenient for the users and improve the efficiency of the service, in terms of meeting their activity needs, with the ultimate aim of active ageing and reduced social isolation.

The placement will explore the utility of a door-to-door transport service for older people and their willingness to pay for it. The outputs will help develop evidence for the economic value of the service and compare it with current policy initiatives targeted to older people (i.e. bus passes); as well as the societal benefits from, for example, reducing social isolation amongst older people, improved access to health, social care and leisure opportunities.