New LSSI Brochure

We recently published a new brochure to showcase the range of opportunities Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI) offers across the University of Leeds and beyond.

Our mission at LSSI is to bring together research excellence and enhance interdisciplinary research at the University, working collaboratively in partnership with organisations and institutions who share our aspirations. We place importance on the wider role of social science in impacting societal change and believe that a complex society must be met with an equally complex response. We aim to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations at the University and extend this across our key partner institutions and organisations.

The latest brochure explores the fundamental role of social sciences in responding to contemporary global challenges, particularly in relation to the pandemic and climate change. We discuss re-thinking co-production of knowledge and supporting uptake of interdisciplinary and impactful research methodologies, a significant aspect of our work. We demonstrate how economic, political and cultural contexts are increasingly important for governments and policy makers alike in considering the full picture and should not be an afterthought.

The brochure showcases our international research partnerships with the Institute for Social Sciences Research at the University of Queensland, Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani at the University of Buenos Aires, and Nanjing University, China.

This brochure highlights research projects supported by the ESRC IAA, including projects led by Professor Julia Martin Ortega, Dr Kate Hardy, Dr Pammi Sinha and Professor Paul Chatterton.

Professor Julia Martin Ortega, from the Faculty of Environment, worked with ECOSUR, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, in Mexico as part of the Responsive Mode Impact Fund. The project aimed to activate change on environmental governance through performance-based methods (Performing Change).

Dr Pammi Sinha, who is based in Arts, Humanities and Culture collaborated with Zero Waste Leeds on a project Encouraging public engagement with textiles waste management.

Dr Kate Hardy, of Leeds University Business School (LUBs) joined forces with the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project + Centre for Welfare Reform as part of the Knowledge Exchange Fellowship. This collaborative project explored improving employment conditions and labour market engagement for people with chronic energy limiting conditions.

Professor Paul Chatterton, based within the Faculty of Environment, partnered with Shared Future Community Interest Company as part of the Rapid Action Fund to deliver the Leeds Climate Change Citizens Jury, which involved asking a group of 25 individuals how we can address the challenge of climate change.

In the brochure we discuss the help available to develop the skills of the next generation of researchers. This includes PGR placement schemes, research collaborations and a range of training and networking activities delivered through the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership (WRDTP). We share our external collaborations with partners outside of academia, to illustrate the real-world impact of social science research on policy and the wider public. Most significantly, this includes a Collaborative Review between Leeds City Council and the University of Leeds.

Finally, we look to the future and discuss our exciting plans for next year.

The new LSSI Brochure can be downloaded here