LSSI to appoint three new Deputy Directors

We are pleased to share that Dr Sahla Aroussi, Dr Gehan Selim and Dr Kate Pangbourne will join Leeds Social Sciences Institute as Deputy Directors from 1st August.

Dr Sahla Aroussi

Dr Sahla Aroussi joined the School of Politics and International Studies in September 2020 and received her PhD in Politics from the University of Ulster in 2011 and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp until 2013.

Dr Aroussi has a Master of Laws (LLM) in Human Rights and Transitional Justice (2007, Transitional Justice Institute) and a Master of Arts in Human Rights (2004, The University of Malta/Utrecht University). Dr Aroussi was recently selected by UN Women to be a member of their Roster of experts on Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW).

Dr Aroussi commented, “I am a feminist scholar and a gender expert with interests in interdisciplinary and innovative research and participatory methodologies. My research is underpinned by the determination to have real world impact and guided by the need for strong and equitable collaboration with partners in the Global South. I was attracted to join the Leeds Social Sciences Institute because of the opportunities that it offers for strengthening collaboration on research across the university, enhancing global partnerships and delivering research with impact.”

Dr Gehan Selim

Dr Gehan Selim is an Associate Professor in Architecture and Urbanism. She was Fellow of The Senator George Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice (2017/18) and currently leading the Architecture and Urbanism Research Group at the University of Leeds. Dr Selim’s interdisciplinary research transcends the boundaries of disciplines across architecture, digital heritage, and urban politics, focusing on areas of liberation politics, geographies of urban conflict, co-produced knowledge, and developing sustained forms of community belonging. She is leading a portfolio of projects in multiple global south and post-conflict contexts. She collaborates with a wide range of colleagues across the university to build partnerships across the arts, humanities, and social sciences, shape research agendas, policies, and practices in response to global and societal challenges. Dr Selim’s research on humanitarian and marginalised communities in conflict cities received multiple awards and recognitions, such as the Women of Achievement Award (2021) and Newton Fund Prize for Outstanding Impact (2020).

Dr Selim said, “I am delighted that I will be one of LSSI Deputy Directors from August 2021. I have been sitting on the steering committee for three years and gained extensive familiarity with its vision and ambition. I am truly looking forward to supporting Louise Waite during the coming period in developing cross-cutting interdisciplinary initiatives that draw additional input from humanities and STEM disciplines and enable creative platforms to disseminate research excellence.”

Dr Kate Pangbourne

Dr Kate Pangbourne joined the Institute for Transport Studies in June 2016. At ITS, Dr Pangbourne is developing a distinctive personal research agenda in innovative research in travel behaviour and persuasive technology for behaviour change, as well as exploring the implications of socio-technical change at the interface of transport, governance and sustainability.

Dr Pangbourne commented, “I am very excited to be joining LSSI to promote the value of social sciences in addressing significant and complex problems through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. I’m particularly interested in increasing our research impact through addressing social and environmental crises in more holistic, action-focused and co-creative ways.”