Linking Leeds with the Department for Transport (DfT)

Linking Leeds has expanded to include the Department for Transport

We have expanded our Linking Leeds webinars, historically between University of Leeds and Department for Work and Pension, to include a new government department, the Department for Transport (DfT). The Linking Leeds webinars aim to help build a richer connection between the academic and policy worlds by inviting Social Scientists from Leeds and members of the government department to engage in dialogue around key research questions of mutual interest.

The DfT has recently shared with LSSI some key research themes and questions that they are interested to better understand. These questions are centred around the societal and economic impact of COVID-19 on transport in its broadest sense and these questions and themes will form the basis of discussion.

Our events

Public Transport and active travel: what happens as we recover from Covid?

The first webinar took place on Wednesday 23rd June. We’re pleased to share that we had over 100 participants from across policy, academic and third sector.

Thank you to all of our speakers; Dr Llinos Brown, Professor Jillian Anable, Professor Greg Marsden (University of Leeds), Professor Iain Docherty (University of Stirling) and Richard Walker (Visiting Research Fellow, seconded from DfT).


Impact of emergency measures on accessible and inclusive public space

This webinar took place on Wednesday 15 September. Thank you to all of our speakers; Prof. Anna Lawson, Bryan Matthews, Dr Morgan Campbell from the University of Leeds.

Future sessions

This will be a monthly webinar series, usually a hour long and taking place over lunch time. If you are interested in attending future sessions, details will be announced on our Eventbrite profile.

How to get involved

If you are an academic who would be interested in engaging in these webinars, either as a speaker or member of the audience, please contact Camilla McCartney ( who will log your interest. We encourage academic speakers across the social sciences and from all stages of their career to engage.