Launch of Positive Impact Partners Programme

The Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme has now been launched by University of Leeds Sustainability.

PIP is a great opportunity to bring together University of Leeds colleagues and a wide range of Third Sector Organisations (TSOs), to form mutually beneficial partnerships. These partnerships then develop goals and objectives to address specific challenges for both organisations and individuals. At the core of the PIP programme is the relationship between partners and the creation of partnerships that build capacity and encourage positive social change

The PIP programme is open to all University of Leeds staff, individuals working (either paid or voluntary) in the third sector, charitable organisations, state funded schools and any other not for profit social-benefit organisations.

To get involved or for more information about the programme, its benefits to organisations and individual participants please visit the Sustainability webpages.

The Sustainability team is keen to spread the word and support individuals and organisations that might benefit from the Positive Impact Partners Programme. With this in mind, it would be grateful if you could help in the following ways:

• Register to take part in the scheme here.
• Share this page with friends and colleagues or other organisations that you think might benefit
• Include information in your team or organisation’s newsletter, staff webpages or social media
• Invite the team to one of your coming staff meetings to speak about the programme and its benefits

Any questions, comments or thoughts please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Amanda Jackson or Claire Bastin.