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Jake Turicchi & Daisy Halligan

School of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine and Health

Itecho Health: improving patient outcomes in fertility

PGR Placement

Itecho Health is a young, dynamic company established to develop digital health applications in long- term or stable conditions and is led by clinicians and experts in technology and business.

Itecho Health created AscelusTM - a fully integrated platform with patient and clinician user applications and AI/machine learning module interconnected with existing hospital IT systems to improve management of long-term conditions. This aims to benefit patients (increased convenience and empowerment), commissioners (reduced costs) and hospitals (increased capacity for clinicians). This approach has been proven successful in 12,000 patients with stable HIV across five hospitals in Europe.

The project explores the relationship between lifestyle factors, such as nutrition and exercise, and fertility. Specifically looking at three populations: patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, secondary amenorrhea or patients undergoing IVF treatment.

The goal is to develop the digital health platform, AscelusTM, to help improve fertility outcomes via personalised exercise, nutritional and behavioural interventions, which are constantly adjusted through the AI interface and supported by scientific research.