Hetan Shah to give Public Lecture on the Contribution of Social Sciences and Humanities to a Brighter Future

Hetan Shah, Chief Executive of the British Academy, will be speaking at a public lecture on Wednesday 11th November as part of ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. This year the festival will be held online for the first time and is a collaboration across 18 universities to deliver a total of 25 events.

The public lecture will further develop insights Hetan set out in his original article, Global problems need social science, which was published in January in the journal Nature.

The article highlighted that science and technology are often viewed as holding greater significance compared to humanities and social sciences, yet human insights and social science expertise are important to consider and should not be undervalued.

The event is intended to be accessible for the general public, young people and university students, in addition to those who work in national government, local government and the public sector. To find out more and book your place visit.