Gender – Network members

  • Jane Holgate, Leeds University Business School (Industrial relations, work and employment, inequality, migration, trade unions)
  • Professor Sarah Irwin, School of Sociology and Social Policy (Family, Education, subjective social inequalities)
  • Dr Ghazala Mir, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (Reducing health inequalities in excluded groups)
  • Matthew Newman, Leeds Housing Concern (Gender)
  • Professor Michael Thomson, School of Law (Health law, children’s rights, legal and political theory, feminist theory)
  • Professor Jennifer Tomlinson, Leeds University Business School (Gender, inequality, employment relations, gender and professional and managerial occupations)
  • Julie Wallbank, School of Law (Legal regulation of family life, reproductive technology law)
  • Dr Sarah Woodin, School of Mechanical Engineering (Disability, accessibility, disability policy, independent living)