ESRC Funding Opportunities

ESRC National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) Innovation Placements

The White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership has National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) funding to support current students funded by the ESRC (including DTC, DTP and CDT) who are working in areas of relevance to the Industrial Strategy, to undertake innovation placements.

This opportunity is only available for students currently funded by the ESRC. To find out more and apply visit

The funding is designed to be used to develop key skills through provision of additional placement opportunities. This could include:

  • entrepreneurial training/placements
  • relevant placements within industry
  • relevant placements with policy organisations relevant to the Industrial Strategy
  • exploratory small projects/placements with SMEs
  • summer schools and conference placements relevant to Industrial Strategy challenges
  • other placements to support and increase the impact arising from doctoral research which is relevant to the Industrial Strategy

The funding will cover the costs directly related to the placement such as stipend, travel and subsistence costs where these are over and above the student’s normal expenditure, fees for relevant training or events, etc.

This may be an integral part of the student’s existing award, in which case a suspension or an extension of the student’s funded period is not required. In other cases, there may be a case for the student’s funded period to be extended, funded by this money.