Speaker: Professor Iyiola Solanke (School of Law, University of Leeds). Iyiola will present on “Discrimination as a Virus.”
Speaker: Pamela Searle León (Doctoral Researcher, Leeds University Business School). Pamela will give a presentation on the topic of behavioural issues around annuity selections.
Speakers: Professor Laura Galloway (Edinburgh Business School) & Dr Isla Kapasi (Leeds University Business School) will give a presentation on ‘Enterprise on Low Income: Motive, value and experiences’.

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Leeds Social Sciences Institute Professor Haleh Afshar, University of York
Leeds Social Sciences Institute, Beech Grove House David Sugden, School of Education Helen May, ESSL Research Support Office
Beech Grove House Ian Law, Nick Emmel, Paul Bagguley and Yasmin Hussain. University of Leeds FLag seminar series
Leeds Social Sciences Institute Professor Frank Furedi, Univeristy of Kent Frank Furedi is Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. He is author of: Politics of Fear; Beyond Left and Right (2005) Where have All The Intellectual Gone; Confronting 21st Century Philistinism (2005) Therapeutic Culture; Cultivating Vulnerability In An Anxious Age (2004)…
Leeds Social Sciences Institute, Beech Grove House Lisa Garforth (Sociology and Social Policy), University of Leeds Peter Traynor, (Centre for Criminal Justice Studies), University of Leeds Mark Jayne (University of Manchester) Lena Eriksson (University of York)
Leeds Social Sciences Institute, Beech Grove House Jim Baxter, Staff Development Unit Mark Priestly, ESSL Faculty (Pro-Dean for Research) David Wall, School of Law
Leeds Social Sciences Institute Elizabeth Goodman, Professor of Child and Adolescent Health, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA Joint semainar LSSI together with Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
LSSI – Beech Grove House A workshop at LSSI to develop a research agenda about equality, diversity and security What do the terms “equality”, “diversity” or “security” mean to you? How do their meanings differ in international and interdisciplinary contexts? What research questions do these ideas raise? What methodological tools do we need to research…
Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI) Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI) will be officially launched on Wednesday 21 June 2006. The VC, Prof Michael Arthur will open the event, which will be in the style of the BBC television programme ‘Question Time’. The theme for questions will be Equality, Diversity and Security. Everyone with an interest…