Leeds Social and Environmental Justice Action Network: Launch Event

Fairbairn House Main Building Upper Chapel LR (1.04a)

Leeds Social and Environmental Justice Action Network (Leeds SEnJa-Net)

The idea is to create a sustainable, institutionalised network of organisations devoted to social action and social change. The Leeds Social and Environmental Justice Action Network (Leeds SEnJA-Net) is a ‘bottom-up’ initiative that aims to foster new ways of creating knowledge for social change, by fostering a broad community of social justice researchers within and beyond the University. The network intends to bring together university researchers working on social justice from a variety of disciplinary perspectives to foster collaboration with organisations in civil society, government and business in and around Leeds.

The Leeds SEnJA-Net intends to provide an interdisciplinary space for social justice researchers and practitioners to connect with each other beyond existing Research Centres; discuss mutual concerns, and share experiences to explore and deepen the interface between theory and practice. By pooling a broad range of skills, expertise and bodies of knowledge the Leeds SEnJA-Net will enable a multifaceted institutional, political, social, cultural and philosophical exploration of social justice issues.

At this first meeting we briefly set out what we envisage the purpose of the network to be, but equally we are keen to hear what ideas you might have to contribute to this new initiative.


In order to get a sense of who is interested in contributing and collaborating with this network we would ask that if you are attending that you do the following:

1. Notify us in advance that you will be attending.

2. At the same time (and no later than Monday 15 February) send us a *one page powerpoint with one illustration* (picture/photo/slide) which you think reflects your interest in this area. This could be a picture of a book you have written in this area, a photograph, an illustration, cartoon etc.

3. Please include your name and department on the slide.

4. At the meeting we will each do introductions where you should introduce yourself and say what your interest is in social and/or environmental justice (in less than 2 minutes!).

5. Could you also think about groups and organisations within Leeds (or indeed beyond) with whom you have (working) contacts who might be interested in participating in the network.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing the development and direction of the network.

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Professor Paul Routledge, Leadership Chair in Social and Urban Change

Professor Jane Holgate, Professor of Work and Employment Relations