Higher Education in the Liquid Modern Era: Swirling down the Drain?

a BSA Postgraduate Day School in conjunction with The Bauman Institute, University of Leeds

Keynote speakers:

The Event

The Coalition Government’s removal of state funding for the social sciences and humanities underlines an assumption that the value of higher education can and should be measured by instrumental, direct, economic ‘output’.  This would seem to indicate that the Coalition considers all subjects outside STEM to be self-indulgent, valueless and outdated. We invite postgraduates from the social sciences and other related disciplines to respond to this challenge.

This one day, BSA sponsored conference, hosted at the University of Leeds in conjunction with the Bauman Institute, will be looking to discuss the following;

  • How has sociological theory impacted on the ethical, economic, social and political landscape?
  • Is there space for substantive ethical development within ‘the academy’?
  • How might proposed drives towards efficiency, impact and ‘value-for-money’ lead to irrational outcomes?
  • Can postgraduate students assert the value of sociology by opposing the changes inside academic institutions?
  • Will there still be space for critical sociology or will changes to funding limit critical thought?

The conference itself will be divided into a mixture of keynote speeches, workshops and postgraduate led papers. From the conference, we intend to produce a collaborative resource, detailing the concerns and solutions offered by postgraduates in defence of sociology, the humanities and the social sciences generally.

The event is free to BSA members and £25 to non members. For further details go to http://liquideducation.wordpress.com.