Delivering on equitable green recovery

  • Date:
  • Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Location: Online Event
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  • Speakers: Dr Vera Trappmann (LUBS), Professor Sarah Irwin (School of Sociology and Social Policy), Dr Milena Buchs (School of Earth and Environment) and Dr Caroline Mullen (Institute for Transport Studies)
  • Chair: Professor Stuart Taberner, Dean for Interdisciplinary Research
  • Audience: University of Leeds staff

How can we act to ensure a green and fair recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic? Join the discussion and share your voice

This online event will explore how we can respond to the disruption created by the pandemic and move towards a greener and more equitable society. It will go beyond our understanding of what might be needed for green recovery and to make a fairer society, to consideration of how we can act to create change.

With colleagues from across Leeds we will identify key challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic and generate a collective vision for a sustainable and fair future.

This event is open to all University of Leeds colleagues.  

This webinar was organised by Leeds Social Sciences InstituteEnergy Leeds and Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics as part of a series of interdisciplinary seminars