John Wooldridge, PGR

School of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Science

Current Project:

An Evaluation of the Support and Outcomes that Restore (York) achieve with their Tenants


Restore provides supported accommodation for men and women in shared housing in York. Restore’s charitable aims are to provide homes and support for those who would otherwise be homeless. They currently have eight properties providing homes for a total of 31 tenants at any one time. Once housed, staff work with tenants to given them the support they need to help them get to the root of the issues that caused them to become homeless, and achieve their full potential in life.

There are seven main areas where Restore aims to engage with tenants in order to support them. These are: education and training opportunities; work experience; addressing their therapeutic needs; encouraging physical exercise; encouraging social activities; finding them appropriate mentors and befrienders; and giving them the opportunity to access support offered by local churches. Data is collected on all of these areas and tracked over time from arrival, until after the tenants leave, but this data has never previously been formally reported on. This placement will quantify the impact made by the charity and make recommendations around how to improve practices for this charity and others working in the homeless sector.


Previous Projects:

Evaluation of the ‘Let’s Talk Sex’ sessions


In 2018, the Polarized Youth Group held the Let’s Talk Sex sessions at Spark: York CIC, which is a box park made from repurposed shipping containers, based in York City Centre with a number of shops, food outlets and is also the base of a number of a charitable organisations. They collected some data on their attendees but would like to access more people this year, and are utilising a number of strategies to reach a larger audience.

From 12th June – 31st July 2019, the Polarized Youth Group are once again hosting the Let’s Talk Sex Sessions, and they particularly hope to increase the proportion of LGB people who attend.

The purpose of the sessions is to:

  • Raise awareness of consent, period poverty and LGBT issues.
  • Increase engagement with support service
  • Provide basic sexual health advice and support
  • Provide positive interventions around sexual health
  • Provide harm minimisation advice and reduce risky sexual behaviour

The project seeks to evaluate the Let’s Talk Sex sessions, with two main objectives;

  1. Understand how successful the sessions were.
  2. Learn lessons about what can be done to increase participation for marginalised groups in the future.

Therefore, as a result of this evaluation, there will be wider learning around what can be done to increase access to sexual health services for hard to reach groups.